Privacy Policy

Mikimoto Privacy Policy


K. Mikimoto & Co., Ltd. ("Mikimoto") is committed to always considering matters from the customer's perspective and always working towards their satisfaction. To do so, gaining the trust of customers is of paramount importance. As such, we believe that it is extremely important to properly protect and administer the personal data of our customers. To further consolidate the security of the personal data we handle, we have now enacted a privacy protection compliance program in accordance with JIS Q15001. To ensure the compliance program's ongoing effectiveness, it will be updated to maintain the proper handling and protection of personal data. We will endeavor to surely implement our personal data protection policy as described below.

Personal Data Protection Policy

  1. Collecting of Personal Data
    If personal data is collected, we will inform you of its intended use and obtain your approval in advance. The same procedure will be followed if personal data is to be collected on the Website.
  2. Usage and Sharing of Personal Data
    With regard to the use and sharing of personal data, excluding the following situations, Mikimoto will not use collected personal data beyond the originally stated purposes.
    • The user's permission is obtained.
    • The information is altered to disable recognition or identification of individual users.
    • A legal order is received to provide data to legal authorities, etc.
    • Unless required by law, Mikimoto will not disclose personal data to a third party without the consent of the user.
  3. Secure Administration of Personal Data
    Mikimoto will endeavor to always keep personal data accurate and up to date, and prevent the loss, destruction, leakage, and unauthorized access of personal data.
  4. Confirmation, Modification, etc., of Personal Data
    With regard to your own personal data, if you were to request us to check, confirm, correct, stop using, etc., your personal data, we will comply as soon as practical after confirming your identity.
  5. Handling of Inquiries
    A contact person or persons will be designated to accommodate inquiries concerning Mikimoto's personal data protection policy and personal data.
  6. Compliance with all Laws, and Enhancement of Personal Data Protection System
    Mikimoto pledges to observe all laws and regulations related to personal data protection, and all other laws that may apply. The items above will be reviewed as necessary to continually enhance our personal data protection system and protocols. This policy shall apply to not only the personal data of customers that Mikimoto handles but to all personal data. K. Mikimoto & Co., Ltd.

Handling of Personal Data

Thank you for your patronage of Mikimoto.
We have enacted a personal data protection policy to properly ensure the security of your personal information. The personal data of customers to be kept and administered by Mikimoto will be handled in accordance with this policy as described below.

Objectives of Data Usage

Your personal data may be used by Mikimoto or an affiliated group company for the following purposes.

  1. Marketing and promotion of Mikimoto merchandise (Jewellery, watches, sundries, cosmetics, etc.).
  2. For providing and promoting after-sales services for Mikimoto merchandise.
  3. Promotion of exhibitions, events, seminars, etc.
  4. For conducting marketing surveys such as questionnaires.
  5. For other communications related to Mikimoto business endeavors, etc.

Security & Administration

In accordance with applicable laws and other regulations, we will implement strict security measures to prevent the loss, destruction, leakage, and unauthorized access of personal data. If customer data is to be released to an external party such as a delivery contractor for shipping ordered merchandise, the data's release will be limited a properly contracted agency to ensure data security is maintained.

Assistance & Contact

If you no longer wish to receive communications from Mikimoto or any affiliated group company, please inform us by telephone at the following toll-free number. The contact number is also available for all other inquiries related to your personal data including making corrections.

Customer inquiries: Mikimoto Customers Service Center
Toll-free: 0120-868254 (10:30 - 17:00, closed weekends and holidays)
K. Mikimoto & Co., Ltd., personal data administration manager