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Sales and Repair Policy

In order to continue providing a consistent supply of high-quality jewellery, along with improved service, MIKIMOTO will be implementing the following policies. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

  • It is prohibited to make purchases for purposes other than personal use, as well as to engage in resales for profit.
  • We may ask you not to film or take photos inside of the store.
  • We may make restrictions on the number of people entering the store.
  • We may limit the amount of time to be spent inside the store.
  • We may limit the number of items that each individual is able to purchase.
  • We take no responsibility for items purchased outside of official sales channels.
  • We will provide repair only for authorized items, and may refuse repairs for those suspected of being used for the purpose of sales or resales.

We may refuse sales or repairs in cases where the above regulations are not followed.

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